Grand Valley Christmas Lights List 2017

  2603 Partridge Court - AKA “The Blue House” - This whole cul-de-sac is decorated this year, but the blue house property has a few new additions this year. They’ve added a fence around the property, which just adds to the color and such. It does now limit access the...

Orchard Run 2014

Boy am I glad that I got out when I did. That's what I said, I missed my standard orchard run in 2013, we had a late frost the destroyed much of the blossoms, so I made it a point to get out there, even if just a little early. Well, I took several photos like I...

Calendar Sale!

I've finally made a calendar, so many of you have asked for it, now here it is! If you want one, please go to and send $20.00 to, and we'll ship it out to you. Tax & Shipping is included. Here's a peek at the back cover. Thanks in advance...

Colorado Life Magazine

I am excited to be published in my first Magazine Images! Doug's band, the Grand Junction Rockestra is also the subject of the article. Check it out when you can. get your...

Springtime on the Grand Mesa

The Grand Mesa in Western Colorado has many beautiful seasons. But if you've never seen a blanket of wildflowers, you must make the trek up Land's End Road in Summertime. Summertime down in town, is the top of springtime on the Mesa. Don't forget to bring your camera,...

Spinning Steel Wool

Well, I finally checked something off my photography bucket list. This is created by using a string, steel wool, a wire wisk and fire, oh and don't forget a brave soul to spin it, and fire extinguishers just in case. We had a blast!

Foggy Monument

Foggy mornings on the monument are by far my favorite. In fact, it's not even a huge deal to go up at anytime of the day when the weather is nasty down in the valley, there's always something pleasant up there to see.

2013 Big Horn Babies

Well the baby big horn sheep are back up on the monument. I found them a little bit more hidden than last year, Just past the upper turn out in Fruita Canyon, just before the first tunnel. I found three adults and two new babies. Here's hoping for a fruitful year up...

Firework Play

Always Learning & Loving playing with light at night. Fellow TMCC Member Jamie Z. showed me a link to David Johnson's work on firework play, and wouldn't you know it we had not one, but two firework shows just in time for some fun. Here's the best results.

Fall on the Grand Mesa

What a beautiful place we have in our backyard. Just about everyone has been over the Grand Mesa on Color Sunday, but we like to take the scenic route up "Lands End Road". No traffic, and plenty of places to stop for photo ops.

GJ Parks & Rec

From a photo class through the GJ Parks & Rec taught by Tanya Pearce from Redhawk Photography. We had a blast taking advantage of beautiful models & great location of the Cross Orchards Historical Site.