The Griswold List

by | Dec 5, 2019


This list is sorted by location/region in order to organize your trips throughout the valley. I only list properties that are worth the drive to the location. I hope you’ll Enjoy and I will add to the list as I find or verify locations.


Grand Junction


  1. 2603 Partridge Ct. (AKA, The Blue House) – This home has the main residence, and two surrounding lots, and the entrance to the subdivision. Important tips, this is a high traffic light display, which is fenced in to keep folks from trespassing on the property. Signs are posted asking folks to stay in their cars, there are no sidewalks. The owner of this home passed away this year, so there was concern about this display continuing, but it is definitely up & going, thanks to Elite Events and the family. There is a single tree that is different than the rest with blue and white lights with a sign saying “In Memory of Mr. Blue Light House”. This year they’ve added the blue on the roof and several new style of deer to the display. It is difficult to understand how, but it simply looks like more lights than previous years, more trees are decorated higher, wider and with less distance between strands. It’s breathtaking.
  2. Alpine Meadows & Sedona subdivisions. –  Located between the Blue house and the music house by the airport, this subdivision is accessible off Jordanna road south of H road (just west of 27 Rd/12th St). It has multiple decorated homes, worth stopping and meandering before coming back out and proceeding. There’s a Griswold of inflatables and unique lighted figures in the Sedona subdivision accessed via Alpine Meadows
  3. 2625 H Road – This location has a horde of inflatables, worth slowing down as you drive between these two big light displays as well.
  4. 811 27 ¼ Road (AKA, Airport House) – This home has multicolored light display set to music, it can be heard on radio station 96.9. There are about 4 songs and the nativity story, this again can be viewed from the street, or if you choose to exit your car there are river rocks you can stand on the public side of their fence.
  5. Northridge Subdivision (Northeast Corner of Patterson & 1st St (26 road)) – This subdivision used to be nearly complete with nearly every home decorated. It’s still early, and several homes are definitely decorated elaborately, it could be difficult to get through the music house, but even if you don’t want to wait to watch it, the neighborhood is worth going, just be sure to plan on it taking a bit to go through the upper part of the subdivision.
  6. 325 Northridge Drive (Just Add More Lights) – This home is set to music, shows are every 30 minutes beginning on the ½ hour. The show runs about 18 minutes and includes 5 songs (currently) songs include Christmas Everyday – Unspoken, It’s Called Christmas (with a Capital C) – Go Fish, Nutrocker – Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Noel – Chris Tomlin, Featuring Lauren Daigle, and Carol of the Bells – Techno version
  7. Crestview Subdivision, Located between 15th Street and 27 ½ Road, North of Patterson. – For best views, you’ll head north on 15th at Patterson and turn right on to Crestview Way and you will see the lower view of the lake, I usually turn left onto Crestview Court, as this cul-de-sac has some fun displays.  Follow Crestview Drive up to the upper view of the lake, then Turn left onto Bell Ridge Ct. then right onto Ridge Dr. to get back out to 27 ½ Road. This subdivision is awesome to walk through in order to get to see all the lights up close. The lake is breathtaking and there are sidewalks throughout the subdivision.
  8. Grand View Subdivision, located North of Patterson on the west side of 28 Road –  There are several Griswold’s in this subdivision, I recommend you turn Right on Hawthorne Ave, Then you can turn Left on Grand View Drive, Take in Ridge Drive, Grand View Cir. And East and West Pagosa Dr. There are usually several ways to take in this subdivision, so once inside, follow the lights. This subdivision includes “the other blue house”, and a legit griswold home with lights all over it’s roof.
  9. 2395 Pheasant Trail Ct. – located just north of Patterson – This home is decorated new this year, lots of lights, hopefully the rest of the subdivision catches on too.
  10. Downtown Grand Junction – Main Street lights up all it’s trees and the store fronts are usually picture perfect as well. You can usually catch a holiday movie on Tuesdays as well as horse drawn buggy rides through Colorado and Main streets. It’s fun to explore the homes between Main & North Ave and between 7th & 12th. Several standouts this year include: 929 Main, Corner of 8th & Ouray, Hill Ave Between 7th & 8th St., and the corner of 12th & Main, several homes on that corner are decorated as well as north up 12th st.
  11. 2862 Fenel Ave – Located in the White Willows subdivision. This spot is definitely Griswold quality. There are a few others in the subdivision, but this one is worth the view if you are driving on the parkway/D Rd. near the veteran’s cemetery.
  12. 1045 24 Road – This house is between J and K roads on 24, north of the Mall. This location is set to music, and can be heard on 104.1 FM. There’s plenty of space on the shoulder to sit across from the house and watch the show. Last year this had canned music, but includes a great selection of songs including Joy to the world, Santa looked a lot like Daddy and I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas and Grandma Got run over by a reindeer, by their original artists. Quite the upgrade musically from last year.


Orchard Mesa Area


  1. 1195 Santa Clara Ave (AKA, Mickey Mouse House) (Orchard Mesa, but worth the drive) – This home is so cool, they decorate for folks and even have their driveway set up with a small parking area, you can walk through a fenced walkway and enjoy all the Disney themed décor. Hours are 5pm to 10 pm. Santa is there from 6pm to 9pm on Fri & Sat. The weekend before Christmas Santa will be there Friday, Sat, Sun (reserved for those with special needs) and Monday.  and usually have baked goods and a fire pit area to relax and enjoy some hot drinks. This is a great free option for a Santa photo with your kids; there is always an option to make donations here as they really go all out for the children in the area.  This home is accessible from Santa Clara Ave which is off of 5th St/Hwy 50 near duck Pond Park, the road dead-ends at their home.
  2. 2977 Wichita Ct. – While this home isn’t set to music this year, it has great lights as well as numerous homes in the same subdivision This subdivision is between B & B ½ and 29 & 30 Roads, there are several great light displays within this subdivision. It is accessible via Frontier from B ½ Road. Continue through the subdivision south to Dream Ct. and Mesa Crest Pl.
  3. 2798 C Road (Unaweep) – This home is set to music you can hear by rolling down your window.


Clifton/Fruitvale Area


  1. 3195 F ½ Road – pretty amazing large property decked out with lights. This property has a small pond for cool reflections and a small hot air balloon.


Redlands Area


  1. 2195 Canyon View Way – this property has huge inflatable display 10 + 10-30 ft inflatables. On timer and should be up 6 am to 10 pm. They include 30+ ft. Frosty the snowman, a 10 ft. bear with fur and what seems to be a minion army. This home adds inflatables throughout the month, so visiting several times during the month or waiting until mid month to see them all.
  2. Independence Valley and Country Meadows Subdivision – Independence has homes spread apart by large lots, many have lights on their homes and along their fence lines. Country Meadows is accessed just Southeast of Independence, there are two to three serious Griswold homes there.
  3. 2251 Kingston Road – There are some amazing displays on the Redlands, but this one is sort of distant from others. It usually has some music that plays outside and rarely has a crowded street.
  4. 584 & 572 22 ½ Road – These two homes and a few others in the surrounding area near the Kingston Road home, and are worth the drive.
  5. 2117 Broadway – This home is always filled with lights and wood figures along the road.


Fruita Area


  1. Fruita Circle is decorated beautifully. This can be accessed on foot as well as simply driving around it. The inner gazebo is decorated as a carousel.
  2. Fruita Civic Center & Pavillion is decorated beautifully and features numerous trees as well as several bicycle sculptures with lights.
  3. 1901 L Road – Home on the Southwest corner has multiple trees on a large property that is a beautiful sprawling display.
  4. 1858 Golden Ranch Road – This is a music house set to station 102.9. Songs include Manheim Steamroller, Happy Holidays, Jingle Bells Techno version, Let it snow and Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree. It’s decorated throughout the back yard area as well and has plenty of room to watch from the cul-de-sac.
  5. N. Pine & Alexander Ct. – This is just a little cul-de-sac that has some cute displays for such a small location.
  6. 189 Heatherly Lane – This home has the two best trees decorated in the county in my opinion. Every branch of the tree is decorated all the way out to the ends of each branch, which lights up nearly the entire corner of the subdivision. The rest of the Canterbury Park subdivision does not disappoint. The subdivision is accessible from J 6/10 Road and Arches Drive
  7. 258 S. Park Court – This home is quite extensively decorated and is nearby the other homes on this list.
  8. 171 North Cherry Street – this home is decorated elaborately and is a great spot to check out.
  9. Wildwood Acres Subdivision – Can be accessed off 18 road near K 6/10 Road. Several homes decorated elaborately, beautifully.


More to be added as folks put up lights and I get out checking out their displays